Old Tibetan Prayer Box - Gau
Old Tibetan Prayer Box - Gau
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Old Tibetan Prayer Box - Gau

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Vintage from the 19th century

An antique Tibetan Buddhist prayer box known as a "Gau" ( also seen as 'Gao', or "Ghau"). In this tradition the gau serves as an amulet and receptical for sacred objects that provide comfort and protection from negative forces and entities. The gau is usually worn around the neck and hung close to the heart. Within it is placed a scroll upon which is written or printed a prayer that has been prepared specifically for the wearer by a Buddhist priest. In this use, the gau is not unlike a transportable shrine. In lieu of a prayer, the gau might also be used as a container for holding herbs, stones or other objects believed to have protective powers. Most old gau are crafted from silver with stone inlays, most generally turquoise.

This gau is large and heavy for the genre. Exceptional silver work. A fine example for wear or display. Also is perfect as an altar piece for storing objects for ritual and empowerment. Measures about 3 1/2 x 5 inches and is about 3/4 of an inch thick. Silver with a copper back insert. This is such an exceptional and holy item. In the Himalayan Buddhist tradition, the one who responds to this piece would be the one who wore and cherished it in a previous incarnation. For that one, the price will seem as nothing, as reunion and continuity are everything. Bless you. Waiting to hear from you.