Old Sumatran Shamanic Offering Bowl
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Old Sumatran Shamanic Offering Bowl

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Vintage from the 1960s

An old carved wood shaman's ritual offering bowl from the Lake Toba Batak people of Sumatra. Features a central singa figure and several ancestral figures, notably, on on the bottom of the piece. Nicely carved classic Lake Toba Batak geometric designs. The central image in Toba Batak art is the singa, a supernatural creature whose likeness protects individuals, homes, and communities from malevolent supernatural forces. The name singa derives from the Sanskrit word meaning lion. However, the Toba Batak singa is a fantastic composite that combines features of several different species. Among the defining features of the singa are the three stylized, backward-curving horns that crown the head. Most also have large round eyes, a human-like nose, and a horse-like muzzle with a long protruding tongue that is intended to intimidate supernatural enemies. The singa image occurs on items ranging from finger rings to monumental stone sarcophagi.