Old And Rare Koteka, Penis Sheath from Papua New Guinea
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Old And Rare Koteka, Penis Sheath from Papua New Guinea

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Vintage from the 1920s

A phallocrypt, penis cover - sheath, crafted from a small elongated carved coconut shell. The shaft is wrapped with woven rattan and twisted coconut bark that is painted with tar and decorated with cowrie shells of various sizes.

The coconut shell is carved with a few lines of decoration and comes to a point. Slightly before and below the point is a drilled aperture.

This rare type of phallocrypt is from the Upper Sepik area of Papua New Guinea, and is consistent in design and workmanship to similar objects of the Suagab village area.

Good condition, with deep patina suggesting age and long use. Dates to the early 20th century or before. Measures about 6 inches overall

Some research indicates that penis sheaths, or koteka, of coconut shell were reserved for men of the highest level of initiation, komaptam, and are reputed to be worn in the past only by successful headhunters.