Guerrero (Mexico) Diablo Mask With Horns
Guerrero (Mexico) Diablo Mask With Horns
Sacred And The Profane

Guerrero (Mexico) Diablo Mask With Horns

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Vintage from before 2000

Diablo, or Devil mask, carved wood with cow horns, from Guerrero, Mexico. There is a long tradition in Mexico of mask carving for numerous festivals and celebrations. In addition to masks depicting humans and animals, other masks deal with the fantastic, abstract and supernatural. The most common fantastic masks are those which depict the devils, demons and Satan himself. These vary from near normal human faces to those with wild and/or grotesque features, with human features, animal features or both. Tezcatlipoca is a night god, whose colors were black and red. These are also applied to devil masks. Depictions of demons/devils have been adopted to various dances and rituals from morality plays to satires. Satan appears in dances such as Los Tecuanes with Moors and Christians as well as in Carnival celebrations. Christmas pageants called pastorelas have masked devil characters that try to keep shepherds from seeing the Baby Jesus. (Wikipedia)

This is a large, dominating mask, measuring about 17 x 17b inches overall