Rangda Goddess Mask, Traditional Balinese
Rangda Goddess Mask, Traditional Balinese
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Rangda Goddess Mask, Traditional Balinese

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Vintage from before 2000

A carved wood mask of the classic dark goddess of Bali, Rangda.

In the cosmic mythology of Bali, two figures predominate in theater and dance: Barong and Rangda. Barong is a lion-like creature who is the king of the spirits, leader of the hosts of good and is the enemy of Rangda. Rangda is a complex feminine aspect and is interpreted in many ways. It is often regarded as the incarnation of “evil”, but in fact the mask of this ferocious witch is revered in the village temples as a patron and a protector against evil.

The mask has a horrifying appearance with its aggressive bulging eyes, long tusks, and red tongue extending down to the waist. Rangda is related to the Durga goddess of India, a ferocious emanation of the spouse of Shiva, the creator and destroyer, a kind of personification of holy wrath. Rangda is basically a manifestation of rage and destruction, and in performances many deities and supernatural beings often suddenly appear in the frightening shape of Rangda when experiencing such extreme moods.

Rangda completely lacks the warmth and good nature of Barong. She is dangerous and destructive, possessing the power of making her opponents fall into a trance. The actor of the Rangda character may often fall into a trance himself while performing. The magical powers and destructiveness of Rangda place many requirements on the performer, who is often a respected individual in his community.

Good condition. Measures about 26 inches from top of head to tip of tongue.