Old Small Bronze Image Of White Tara
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Old Small Bronze Image Of White Tara

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Vintage from the 1900s

A wonderful old bronze depiction of the Goddess White Tara from the Himalaya. As one of the three deities of long life, White Tara (Saraswati) is associated with longevity. White Tara counteracts illness and thereby helps to bring about a long life. She embodies the motivation that is compassion and is said to be as white and radiant as the moon. The story goes that, when the compassionate Buddha of the future, Avalokiteshva, gazed from a mountaintop and could see the ceaseless suffering of humankind, he was moved to tears. A teardrop from his left eye fell upon the plain and became the revered Tara. She declared, "Child of your lineage! As you are striving for the sake of all sentient beings in the Land of Snows, intercede in their suffering, and I shall be your companion in this Great Work!"

This small - not tiny - 4 inch high statue shows evidence of years of attention and worship, with certain points polished by countless rubbings. With a deep patina of vermilion pigment and altar smoke, she has a presence that calls to be touched and held and rubbed. This is a great little traveling icon and can be your altar where ever you find yourself. Her left hand is in the abhaya mudra, "Fear Not!", and Her right hand with out turned palm and fingers pointing to the ground, is in the Bhumisparsha, "Calling The Earth To Witness" mudra. Tara sits calmly on an unfolding lotus plinth, her right foot on a lotus bud, in the lalitasana posture, or "Royal Ease," ready to spring into action when called upon.