Scarification Pattern Figure, Baule Maternity Fetish
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Scarification Pattern Figure, Baule Maternity Fetish

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A fine older African Baule maternity fetish figure, about 10 inches tall, depicting a squatting female figure holding a baby. Note the traditional scarification patterns on face and the long tight coiffure. Good patina, wear and light damage commensurate with long use. Missing nipple to left breast. The Baule are one of the Akan peoples. They moved west to the Ivory Coast more than 200 years ago and adopted sculptural and masking traditions from their neighbors, the Guro, Senufo and Yaure peoples. Baule figures can be among the most elegant and designed pieces in Africa. Many show careful execution of face, coiffure and scarification details, with refined forms but no loss of expressiveness and power. The quiet, dignified figures embody spirits from the other world. They functioned as the home of a spirit to whom sacrifices were made and had to be placated with care.This fetish measures about 11 inches tall.