Australian Aboriginal Fighting / Hunting Club
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Australian Aboriginal Fighting / Hunting Club

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Vintage from before 2000

Here is a fine example of an Australian Aboriginal nulla nulla, or club, from Western Australia. Measures about 19 1/2 inches, solid and sound, with a fine patina from long use. Covered with various clan pokerwork designs, including snakes, wallabies, goannas, and kangaroos.

A waddy, nulla nulla or hunting stick is the traditional Aboriginal Australian club used in hunting and fighting. A waddy is a heavy club constructed of carved timber, usually mulga or ironwood. Waddies were used in hand-to-hand combat, and were capable of splitting a shield, and killing or stunning prey. In addition to this they could be employed as a projectile as well as used to make fire and to make ochre. They found further use in punishing those who broke Aboriginal law.